10 All About Plastic Articles Plus Tweets


10 All About Plastic Articles Plus Tweets
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Ever wonder how to cut down on plastic?  Plastic is an option for so many items these days.  Do you find yourself wondering how to reduce the need for the use of it?

Grocery shopping is something we all have to do.  Many have to-go cups for our on-the-go lives, how many people use disposable cups instead of reusable ones?  Imagine the difference it would make if we chose to use a reusable to-go cup instead of a disposable one.

Plus, it would save you money!  Many in today's busy society also use plastic water bottles.  What if you considered reusable bottles or another alternative to plastic water bottles as an option.

From recycling to alternatives for plastic this package has all kinds of great articles about how you can cut back on plastic.

  1. 11 Ways to Cut Down on Plastic When Food Shopping
  2. Alternatives to Disposable Coffee Cups and Water Bottles
  3. Eight Surprising Items Containing Plastic – and Good Substitutes
  4.  How to Avoid Plastic Leaching into Your Food
  5. How to Find and Organize Clean-Up Programs in Your Area
  6. Nine Ways to Cut Down on Plastic in the Home
  7. Ten Ways to Cut Down on Plastic in the Workplace
  8. The Damage Caused by Plastic
  9. Which Plastics Can Be Recycled?
  10. Why Plastic Straws Are a Problem


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