10 Ghostwriting Articles Plus Tweets


10 Ghostwriting Articles Plus Tweets
500+ word articles
Text format

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If you're interested in Ghostwriting, then this is the package for you!  You'll learn so much in this package: from marketing and finding clients to the potential profit of ghostwriting.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to further your career as a ghostwriter this package can definitely help those interested in ghostwriting.

  1. How Much Can Ghostwriters Make?
  2. How to Find Ghostwriting Gigs
  3. How to Gain Experience as a Ghostwriter
  4. How to Protect Yourself as a Writer
  5. How to Write a Winning Proposal as a Ghostwriter
  6. Tips for Being a Successful Ghostwriter
  7. Tips for Collaborating with the Client as a Ghostwriter
  8. What Is Expected of a Ghostwriter?
  9. What Skills and Qualities Do Ghostwriters Need?
  10. Who Hires Ghostwriters?


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