10 Green Marketing Articles Plus Tweets


10 Green Marketing Articles Plus Tweets

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Have you ever considered going green?  In today's society more and more are considering how to go green, but so many are so busy.  This is the age of being on the run and living a fast-paced life so it's very easy to dispose of and not recycle.  It's easier to just get what's fastest and not what's best for our environment.

These articles cover how to promote green to your customers and even how to promote it on social media.  From creating products and services to pricing your green products this package is all about the green!

You'll receive 10 Articles on Green Marketing Plus 10 Tweets:

  1. Be a “Green” Role Model for Your Customers
  2. Do Your Customers Care about Being Green?
  3. Don't Make These Mistakes with Your Green Marketing
  4. Getting Support from Third Parties
  5. How to Find Green Affiliates
  6. How to Promote Your Green Marketing Strategy on Social Media
  7. How to Promote Your Green Marketing Strategy on Your Website
  8. Tips for Creating Green Products and Services
  9. Tips for Pricing Your Green Products and Services
  10. What Is Green Marketing?


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