10 Humor Articles Plus Tweets


10 Humor Articles Plus Tweets
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It's no secret.  Humor can be useful to lighten a mood.  There are definitely times and places to use humor though.  We all want work to be fun, but work is also serious business.  These articles and tweets show how to use humor and even things to avoid when using humor at work.

Ever thought of how to effectively use humor in speeches and presentations? This can definitely make presentations more entertaining and keep your audience's attention for a while longer versus the boring monotone speeches. These articles and tweets will show you how to use humor in a wide range of ways.  Allow us to humor you and show you how to humor others!

  1. Are People with a Sense of Humor More Successful?
  2. Eight Tips for Using Humor in Presentations
  3. Eight Tips for Using Humor in Videos
  4. Reasons Why You Need Humor in the Workplace
  5. Ten Ways to Have Fun at Work
  6. Things to Avoid When Using Humor at Work
  7. Tips for Using Humor When Dealing with Customers
  8. Why Humor in Business Is So Effective
  9. Why Using Humor Makes You a Better Leader
  10. Using Humor to Relieve Stress


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