10 Money & Relationships Articles Plus Tweets


10 Money & Relationships Articles Plus Tweets

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A lot of responsibility comes with relationships.  One of those responsibilities is financial responsibility.  Communication is key with all relationships, and this can certainly be true when it comes to finances as well.

These articles and tweets include ideas for budgeting, some of the most common reasons couples fight over money and finances, and even when you should seek advice from an expert for your financial concerns.

  1. 10 Reasons Why Couples Fight Over Money
  2. Understanding Child Support Laws
  3. Credit Card Debt and Your Relationship
  4. Gambling and Addictions
  5. How To Budget Without Fighting
  6. Money Do’s And Don’ts In A Relationship
  7. Pros And Cons Of Having A Joint Bank Account
  8. When It's Time To Get Advice From An Expert
  9. When She Earns More Than He Does
  10. Why Every Couple Should Talk About Money