10 Real Estate Articles Plus Tweets


10 Real Estate Articles Plus Tweets

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There is a lot to consider when buying or selling a home.  These articles and tweets can be a best friend during that important time in your life.  From the closing expenses to how the inspection phase works, it's covered here! 

Ever considered if you would have to make repairs during the selling process?  What information should you disclose to potential buyers?  This information is all included in these articles and tweets.

  1. How Does the Inspection Phase Work?
  2. How Long Does the Realtor Listing Agreement Last, and Are the Commissions Negotiable?
  3. What Are Closing Expenses and Am I Responsible for Paying Them?
  4. What Are Seller Concessions?
  5. What Is a Sale Contingency?
  6. What Should I Disclose to Potential Buyers?
  7. What Should I Do to Prepare My Home for Showings?
  8. When Is the Best Time to Sell My Home?
  9. Why Am I Being Asked to Make Repairs?
  10. Why Is the Assessed Value Different Than What the Realtor Says My Home Is Worth?


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