10 Yoga Articles Plus Tweets



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Yoga can be healthy and relaxing.  Some find themselves doing yoga at home.  There are different ways to do yoga and yoga is for many different age groups.  This bundle shows you how to develop a routine for some great yoga techniques.  Want to do yoga at home?  Read how to do yoga at home safely in the article in this bundle.  Want to develop a good routine for your yoga?  We have an article for that!

10 Yoga Articles Plus Tweets

1) Ashtanga Yoga 101

2) Bikram Yoga 101

3) Hatha Yoga 101

4) How to Do Yoga at Home Safely

5) Iyengar Yoga 101

6) Kundalini Yoga 101

7) Vinyasa Yoga 101

8) What to Expect When Starting a Yoga Routine

9) Which Type of Yoga Is Right for You?

10) Yoga and the Elderly

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