Detoxing the Body Report Plus 10 Day Ecourse Bundle



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Report: Detoxing the Body 

  • Deciding Whether or Not You Need a Detox
  • How to Start a Detox
  • Juice Fasting
  • High Carb Low Fat Whole Food Plant-Based Detox
  • High Carb Low Fat Raw Food
  • Getting Started

Ecourse: Detoxing

  1. Why detox your body?
  2. Small things mean a lot
  3. Do you have chemical sensitivity?
  4. Types of detox diets
  5. What can juicing do for me?
  6. Benefits of detoxing
  7. How massage can assist with detox
  8. Why water is your most important beverage
  9. Seven reasons to eliminate caffeine
  10. Detoxing with exercise


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