Having A Will Report And Ecourse Bundle


Having A Will Report And Ecourse

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Death is not something we like to often think about.  One thing is for certain though, it is something that we should think of in order to prepare for the inevitable.  From life insurance to wills and estate planning this bundle shows you how to become prepared.

Ever thought of how to arrange the funeral?  This bundle shows you how.  It's important to make your wishes known, and this bundle explains how to do that as well.

Report: Planning for Death: A Practical Guide

  • Making Your Wishes Known
  • Funeral Arrangement Planning
  • Estate Planning & Management
  • Life Insurance Options

Ecourse:  Having a Will

  1. Why you need a will
  2. Do you need an attorney to make a will?
  3. Living wills
  4. Choosing beneficiaries in your will
  5. Finding an executor for your will
  6. Tips on minimizing inheritance tax
  7. Benefits of setting up a trust
  8. Do I need to worry about probate?
  9. Common mistakes when making a will
  10. When should you change your will?


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