Raising Earth-Conscious Kids Report and Ecourse Bundle



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Report: Raising Earth-Conscious Kids

  • Why Being Earth Conscious Is So Important
  • What Does It Mean to “Go Green”?
  • Modeling Good Practice and Getting Kids to Help
  • Taking Part in School Activities
  • Watching Nature Programs and Finding Earth-Conscious Online Activities
  • Ways to Get Kids Involved at Different Ages
  • Environmental Field Trips

Ecourse:  Earth Conscious Ecourse

  1. Craft from recycled products
  2. Eco-friendly toys
  3. Encouraging wildlife and insects in your garden
  4. Gardening – an eco-friendly way of life
  5. Getting kids involved outside of the home
  6. Plan a neighborhood cleanup with after-cleanup activities
  7. Focusing on “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”
  8. Where to find activities for the earth-conscious family
  9. Spending time with nature and animals
  10. Support your local food growers


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