Sending Your Child to Summer Camp Report and Ecourse Bundle


Sending Your Child to Summer Camp Report and Ecourse
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This report and e-course is beneficial for anyone considering sending their child to Summer Camp.  Parents often find themselves wondering how to keep their child or children busy during the summer.  You don't want a lot of time wasted in the summer, but want your child to do things that are positive.  This package contains such great topics including why to send your child to Summer Camp and the options for doing so.

For those who decide to send their child to Summer Camp, you'll also find even more topics beneficial such as: what to pack for your child's time away at camp and how to manage the cost for the camp.  Summer Camp may be beneficial to many children and there is a lot to consider.  This package has a lot of great information to help you in making a choice.

You'll receive a Report and a 10-day Ecourse:

Report: Sending Your Child to Summer Camp

  • Why send your child to summer camp?
  • The most common type of summer camps
  • Specialized summer camp options.
  • How to choose the best camp for your child.
  • What you can expect at a sleepaway camp.
  • What your child should pack for camp.
  • How to handle separation anxiety or homesickness
  • How to manage the cost of summer camp

Ecourse:  The Wide Variety of Summer Camps

  1. The variety of summer camps
  2. Camps for the underprivileged
  3. Discover the fun of sports camp
  4. Explore the wonders of arts camps
  5. Have you considered an academic camp for your child?
  6. Could a pre-college camp be right for your child?
  7. Camps for the budding entrepreneur
  8. Learn more about enrichment camps
  9. Camps designed with a special focus
  10. Summer camps with a religious or spiritual dimension


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