What to Do When You’ve Been Laid Off Work Report and Ecourse Bundle


What to Do When You’ve Been Laid Off Work Report and Ecourse
500+ word articles
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Being laid off can take a toll on your wallet, your family, and your lifestyle.  Things to consider upon a layoff is the impact it is going to have on everyone.  You’ll definitely want to recognize the importance of contacts and networking with those contacts for future jobs.

With this report and ecourse, you are going to be able to find great tips for formatting a resume and even the words to use as well as what to avoid on a resume.  Find the importance of a resume and why or why not LinkedIn may help you with your job search.

From the time of layoff to writing an effective resume and having a successful interview, this report and ecourse has you covered!


  • Dealing with the Shock of Getting Laid Off
  • The Impact on Loved Ones of Being Laid Off
  • Know Your Rights and Get What You Can
  • Is Your Current Career Right for You?
  • Preparation Is Key to Finding Another Job
  • The Importance of Contacts / Networking
  • The Importance of Having a Daily Routine When You Are Unemployed


  1. Tips for formatting your resume
  2. Words to avoid and words to use on your resume
  3. Properly documenting your accomplishments
  4. How to explain a career gap
  5. Why an employer might reject a resume
  6. How to write a great resume
  7. Your resume vs. LinkedIn profile
  8. Writing a great LinkedIn profile
  9. How to write a cover letter
  10. Preparing for your interview


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