10 Online Scam Articles Plus Tweets

10 Online Scam Articles Plus Tweets

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The internet has a lot of valuable information.  We can send an e-mail versus snail mail at the drop of a hat.  The internet also can potentially place us at a higher risk of scams and fraudulent activity.

In this package you'll find how to minimize the risk of fraudulent activity, "red flags" to be alerted to when surfing the web and conducting business online, and other common scams to lookout for.  From e-mail to browsing the worldwide web fraudsters are out there.  This package has great topics to show you what to be alerted to and help minimize your risk of many different scams.

10 Online Scam Articles Plus Tweets

1) Do's and Don'ts to Minimize the Risk of Fraud

2) Eight Things to Watch Out For When Booking a Holiday Online

3) How to Check Images for Authenticity

4) How to Tell That a Job Offer Is Fake

5) Online Shopping Scams

6) Signs That a Website Is Fraudulent

7) Signs That an Email Is Fraudulent

8) Spotting and Dealing with Fake Antivirus Messages

9) The Most Common Types of Online Scams

10) What to Do If You Have Been Defrauded