10 Adwords Articles

10 Adwords Articles

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Ever wondered what AdWords and how to use them?  AdWords can be a very important source of advertising for your business and something you may should consider.  This package includes anything from how to use AdWords to how to get higher click-through performance for those ads.


Marketing is imperative for any business.  Make sure you're doing it right.  This package contains all kinds of topics that has you covered with AdWords.

10 AdWords Articles

You'll receive 10 Articles on Adwords:

1) Why and How to Use AdWords Editor

2) Copywriting Tips for Higher Click-Throughs

3) Finding and Selecting Profitable Keywords

4) How to Fine-Tune a Campaign

5) How to Use Mass Spreadsheet Upload

6) The Impact of Quality Score on Ad Position & CPC 

7) Intelligent AdGroup Sorting Can Increase CTR and ROI

8) Quality Score 101: What Does Google Look For?

9) Start with Profits, Then with Volume

10) Use Keyword Spy Tools to "Steal" Your Competitor's Keywords